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Axis Drones Notices, Terms, and Conditions & Privacy Policy

Axis is the online store owned and operated by Nadir Aerial Services, under the laws of Trinidad and Tobago. Axis Drones may update or change the below terms, conditions, policies, and notices at any time and without notice.

1.0 FPV Rules and Regulations

The use and operation of FPV radio equipment (such as UHF long range systems or video transmission equipment) in Trinidad and Tobago and many other countries may require a license and some countries may forbid its use entirely. It is your responsibility to ensure that the use of products you purchase from Axis Drones meet the requirements imposed by your government’s rules and regulations for RF devices. Do not purchase products from Axis Drones if you are unsure of the government requirements or are not able to comply with them. Axis Drones cannot be held responsible for your actions under any circumstance, including but not limited to if you use products purchased from Axis Drones in violation of your government’s regulations. We sell our products with no claims for suitability or legality of operation whatsoever.

2.0 Warning Notice

You acknowledge that you fully understand the inherent danger involved when operating multi-rotor and other model aircraft or vehicles. Spinning propellers can cause severe injury. Never work on your models with mounted propellers. Lithium Polymer (LiPo) batteries can be unstable if not used or charged correctly and this can include combustion or spontaneously catching fire.  Our power systems including motors, batteries and electronic speed control (ESC) units can draw significant current, in some cases over 30 amps which can be dangerous. Prevent electrical shock by always working with powered electronic systems safely de-energized. Never short the electrical leads, reverse the leads or place the leads on your body at any time.

3.0 No Warranty/Liability

Axis Drones provides no warranty of any kind for any of the equipment it sells or otherwise distributes. You assume all risks for any products purchased or received from Axis Drones. Axis Drones and its employees are not liable for any instance of injury to you or others, or damage or destruction of property.  Additionally, Axis Drones is not liable for any damages consequential or inconsequential resulting from the use or application of any Axis Drones provided products.  We sell our equipment expressly without warranty or performance for any use or situation.  It is up to the user to ensure that the products safely meet the user’s intended purpose.

3.1 Faulty Items

If an item you received from Axis Drones is deemed to be inoperable or faulty (“Faulty Item”)  due to a manufacturing defect, Axis Drones may replace or repair that item at its sole discretion, if it is deemed by Axis Drones that the fault is indeed due to a manufacturing defect and not user misuse including construction error. Axis Drones will not be liable for equipment that might have been lost and/or damaged as a result of the Faulty Item. As an example, if a video transmitter you received from Axis Drones is faulty and becomes inoperable during flight causing you to lose your airframe, Axis Drones may replace the faulty video transmitter, but not any other equipment such as the airframe that might have been lost and/or damaged due to the faulty video transmitter.

3.2 Incorrectly Published Product Details

While every attempt is made to have accurate information on our website, Axis Drones is not liable for any issues that may result from incorrect product details published on the Axis Drones web site. Please note that specifications and prices may change without notice. For confirmation of specifications, pricing or availability; please contact Axis Drones customer service directly.

3.3 Used Items 

DISCLAIMER: Axis Drones, its Directors, Administrators and Moderators (We) are NOT responsible for transactions conducted between users concerning items for sale in the USED section of this website. The responsibility of conducting fair trade lies SOLELY between the buyer and the seller. We will not accept liability for deals gone bad. Nor be responsible for taking action to correct such.

4.0 Cancellations

Cancellations will only  be accepted within twenty four (24) hours of the order being placed. To cancel, contact with your order number.

5.0 Returns

Please see Axis Drones’ Return Policy.

6.0 Privacy Policy

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